If you are skinny, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly!!

I have been doing some training for 2 years. I was a really skinny guy, flat chest, tiny arms and beer belly! Totally out of shape!! Then one day, I realise why don't I go online and look for some proven training program and start trying something.

After 2 weeks of commitment, my work mate asked me,
"Hey dude! have you been working out?"

Then I realised, holly cow! its working! from then on, I have been working out for 2 years.

Here you go! I am going to share some good info of my work out, where I learned from. check out all the video I have collected in my blog, follow these program, it will work for you!

All you gotta do is! Do It!!

Follow this blog, I am on going look for better programs and training method, I will keep you guys posted, Let's super fit together!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Basic Knee Anatomy Video

Hey Guys,

A lot of professional sport man suffer this injury for reason. This is a very simple video to help us understand our knee.

Knee is one of the most complicated joint, and just imagine one of those ligament gets injured, it will not only affecting your work out plan, it could also ruin your daily life. Well by looking at this video make me understand that knee could be really fragile, when you are young, ligament is fresh and strong, but when you get older, this "thing" will be wear off and that's when all unexpected and unexplainable pain on the area around your knee cap start haunting you.

I am always looking for a way to build healthy muscle, and I realise to build a healthy strong external armor to protect what's underneath it, we need to build a healthy internal gears too.

So check out all these Knee video, base on your situation, try these exercise now before is too late. If you wish to hold your partners hand and travel the world when you retired, ladies and gentlemen please from now take a good care of your knee. My dream is hold the hand of who I love and travel the world while we can, I am not sure when am I going to find this perfect lady, but I will start taking care of myself now for her.

Alright mate! Stay healthy and happy ;-)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Knee Strengthening/Rehab Exercises

The key of all kind of exercise to stay fit and healthy is always good form and go slow. GO SLOW and FEEL EVERY SINGLE PART OF YOUR MUSCLE WHEN YOU MOVE!

Resolving Knee Pain

How to fix knee pain

 Hey guys,

I can't wait to share this with you, especially those who suffer legs pain eg. knee pain.

I did this exercise last night in the gym, it was really painful because my legs ligament and muscle was very tight. The reason of tightness most of it should be blood clog. When the blood flow is block somewhere, that's when you start to feel uncomfortable.

So this exercise will help you to fix it, loosen up your muscle and legament. It will be quite painful when you do this, but after that you will feel the differences of how your legs is reborn.

I would strongly suggest you to do it frequently, as this work something very similar to massage, it just make your blood flow a lot smoother.

I hope this helps and please share with me if there is any other information :-)

Stay healthy buddy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hey guys,

This If you are looking for a safer and intense Front Delt work out, try this. This is working really well, I tried it, is really good. well basically all the video I linked here I filtered and tried it myself.

Combine this with your normal shoulder work out, you can replace one of your current front delt work out, try not to overload your muscle. Do it with the weight that you are comfortable with but hit your limit. You should feel the burn after work out, if not, either your form is not right or the weight is too light ;-)

4 sets and 8-12 reps each set or

you go with super sets
4 sets
1st set-weight enough for 12 reps
2nd set- weight enough for 10 reps
3rd set-weight enough for 8 reps
4th set-weight enough for 6 reps

Alrighty, enjoy your work out, stay healthy, eat healthy, rest well!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vince Del Monte Rants About Getting The Lower Abs - LiveLargeTV.com

The reason why I am into body building, is because I get to meet a variety of great people who are always so enthusiastic, positive and open to share their successful stories. You actually feel much happier surrounded by these people.

So, life is short, if you are not happy most of the time, get yourselves influence by those people around you who are. Don't be shy, make the first step, we all been through that, and no one is gona make fun of you, trust me on that. We love to have you in our group, get fitter, be happier, positive conversation and look cooler together!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great Home Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Hey Fellows,

For some reason I couldn't sleep at all, have been stay up whole night long, and Sun is up... my god! 

Well, I guess I have too much energy to keep me excited whole night, and I guess maybe I should do some morning work out.

Lots of people do not have a gym membership but yet wish to do some exercise at home, or some other has a membership but sometimes our work kinda mess up with our work out routine, so home base work out routine will work just fine for this situation.

In this video, Mike Chang covered overall upper body work out, as you can see, with just a pair of dumb bell, what you can do is amazingly enough.

Alrighty, since I can't sleep at all Lets start the day with building muscle.

Usually I won't do any exercise if I didn't get enough rest, that is very very unhealthy for your body. But it is very flexible if you feel that you are in great form and able to do it, why not. The key is, if you feel tired, I mean physically tired, then get some rest before you work out. sleep well rest well is definitely the other 50% of building healthy muscle.

I just done these work out routine, woo! Totally intense! Do not rest in between variation movement. be careful with the clapping push up, don't smash you face on the ground :D is not fun at all. And try to rest less than 60 secs between sets. 4 sets will do ;)

Enjoy guys

Happy Healthy work out

Monday, June 4, 2012

Why should we in a good shape

Sorry guys, this video is in mandarin , I couldn't get an English version, but I want to share this,  I think there will be certain amount of people will get benefited.

Many asked, why should I be bother to get in shape? It takes too much time and effort to work out, I could live with - out of shape, is just how I look, I don't really care how people look at my shape :D

Well, there is plenty of reason why you wanna be in shape. Don't get it wrong, in shape doesn't mean that you need a six pack or look like a body builder. 

Our body is an intelligence bio machine. Most of the time we don't need a doctor to tell us our healthy level. It will shows you! Too much body fat? what does that tell you? beep~ beep~ sir! you are crossing the line, back off. Stop eating junk food, don't always stick your butt on the sofa watching TV!

If your waist is fat, that is not only telling you that you got fats sitting on top of your muscle, but warning, your organs can't take anymore fats internally.

To cut it short, here is 10 simple reason why we wanna stay fit -

1)  Live better and longer
2)  Thrive not just survive
3)  More energy
4)  Avoid disease/Illness
5)  Keep medical costs low
6)  For your family
7)  Empowerment and confidence
8)  Look better
9)  Better mental health
10) and finally - better sex :P

I am not going to write a super long about why we should get in shape, there is plenty good people out there is sharing awesome information. Check it out, here is some I think is quite convincing





Go out! take a walk! there is Sun out there :)